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November 3, 2011
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Balin by TurnerMohan Balin by TurnerMohan
Featuring characters from JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit: of all the dwarves, Balin is the most "fatherly" toward Bilbo. i imagined them here on the eve of the battle of five armies.
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Your Balin is the most Balin-like representation of Balin that I have ever seen.
In that simple gesture of him putting a hand on Bilbo's shoulder, you have captured the essence of the book-Balin.
TurnerMohan Apr 28, 2013  Professional General Artist
thanks so much! balin was probably always my favorite dwarf, because he was the second oldest and basically second in charge, and of all the dwarves he seemed to be the most fond of bilbo, kind of a foil for thorin's (often) foul moods. hopefully one day i'll put up a better scan (without that rolled edge effect on the left side)
You're welcome!
Just one more question (I asked the same thing on your Thorin picture):
What is written on Balin's ax?
Maybe: ''I am old, but I somehow still serve as the scout of Thorin and Co.'' :-P
TurnerMohan Apr 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
that wouldn't have been bad, maybe in my next take on him ;D

it says "balin fundinul" lit "balin, fundin's(son)" or "balin son of fundin" it's the first two lines on his tombstone in moria, couldn't think of anything else to write.
I don't mind the movie-Balin's looks, but your version is one spear-length better than the film version.
TurnerMohan Apr 15, 2013  Professional General Artist
thanks alot! movie-balin has grown on me, especially cause I thought the actor did a really good job, but in general I like mustaches on dwarves (though I guess tolkien never really specified did he?)
Ah, yes, Ken Stott did a great job in the film as a ''father-figure'' Dwarf.
I don't mind the lack of mustaches on the Dwarves, but I feel that Balin, as the oldest Dwarf in the company (at least in the movies), should've had mustaches.
I believe that somehow, he would have looked wiser with that addition.

As for Tolkien's Dwarf-mustache lore, I don't think he specified that fact, but I believe it goes without saying, because Dwarves are being born with their beards, and shave them off only when in deep shame.
MihailoSRB Feb 6, 2013
Haha, at first I thought that the Raven was Balin's other axe! :D
Anyway, he is great! Favourited!
Belorepan Feb 14, 2013
Haha, I see it too now!
It makes the picture even more awesome!
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